Character Artist


Character Artist with 10+ years experience in a wide variety of art styles.Open to full-time and freelance Character Art opportunities!Commissions open!

Rockabilly Batgirl

Learning Blender's art pipeline. Based on the original design by Denis Medri.Sculpted in ZBrush.
Retopology, UVs, Rigging in Blender.
Textures in Substance Painter.
Rendered in Unreal 5.3
63k triangles.
4 x 2048 PBR Texture Sets.

Raven Leader

Leader of the villains. They will fight against the Owls.A real-time character model based on the amazing concept by Aleksandr Nikonov.

Space Girl

A quick ZBrush sculpt based on the wonderful concept by Patri Balanovsky.

Calvin Harris

I had the great pleasure to design, model and texture Calvin Harris's Avatar for the Tik Tok/PICO/Wave VR collaboration, The Calvin Harris Experience.Under the supervision of Art Director Mike Krentz, I established an art style and visual bar that, with direct feedback from Calvin and his team, allowed us to successfully bring Calvin's likeness into our virtual space.


ZBrush sculpt of Bulma from the Dragon Ball series. Based on an illustration by Nurzhan Bekkaliyev

Justin Bieber

I had the pleasure of modeling part of Justin Bieber's outfit for his live Metaverse concert, Justin Bieber Wave Experience. I was responsible for modeling and texturing his tank-top, pants, shoes, and some accessories used throughout the live show.Art Direction by Mike Mrentz
Likeness, Hair, and jacket by Candie Quach. Tank-Top, Pants, Shoes, Props by Myself.
This was a great project to be on-- it was so amazing to have so many fans experience and enjoy our art. And it was wild to see our character model on billboards in Times Square!

Wave DJ Avatars

BeatBot & Pulse: the first two in a collection of DJ avatars I made for a series of live DJ shows, in collaboration with Beatport.Our goal was to make something of an "Apex Legends" for live digital concerts, where performers could choose from a collection of hero avatars to represent themselves in the Metaverse.

Wave Crowd Avatars

One of my first tasks at Wave was to create new audience members for our live DJ shows.Affectionately called "Dondles," we wanted to make fun little vinyl figures that would fit into a multitude of changing environments throughout a performance.Ultimately the Dondles were spread across the dance floor procedurally, with slight color shifts done through LUTs.

Invincible Fan Art

My own take on my favorite super hero. I just had to get him in his Issue #1 pose! I've wanted to do a sculpt of this guy for a long time.

Dad By The Sword

I had the pleasure of working with RocketCat Games on their amazing title, Dad By The Sword. I was contracted to develop several characters, as well as numerous variations of heads, eyes, armor, and weapons to create a massive variety of enemy characters to fight the Hero Dad.

True Messiah

I had the honor of modeling the tabletop miniatures for Sinister Design's True Messiah board game.More on the game here.It's a really cool 4-player board game all about deck building and resource management, set in a dystopian future where players battle to determine who is truly a god among men.I was also commissioned to develop the figures for a real-time mobile app. My first foray into 3D printing as well as the PBR workflow in Substance Painter! I learned a ton from this project, and can't wait to put these skills to use on future projects.

Lord of The Rings Cave Troll

Cave Troll from Fellowship of the Ring, for Scientific Games and WMS slot games. Modeled and textured by me. Rigged by Mark Sieka.

Older Work

A collection of some of my older work.